Rain Design mStand 360

  • Rain Design mStand 360

    Home | Apple Accessories | Model: Rain Design mStand 360mStand is made of a single solid piece of aluminum matching MacBook and MacBook Pro’s silver anodized finish. It transforms your laptop into a stable and stylish workstation.

    We have taken our best-selling mStand and added a new spin: a 360-degree swivel base. Now it’s even easier to share ideas with others! Learn more about mStand

    • Tilt design brings screen closer, improving airflow around laptop
    • Aluminum panel cools laptop by acting as heat sink
    • Single piece aluminum design provides solid stability
    • Keyboard stash clears up desk area when not in use
    • Cable organizer behind hides away messy cables
    • Increases screen height about 6in./15.3cm
    • In addition, mStand 360 includes a swivel base so you can share ideas with others easily
  • Mã sản phẩm: Rain Design mStand 360
  • Bảo hành:
  • Giá: 1.900.000 vnđ
Thông số kỹ thuật
Nhà sản xuất: Rain Design
Màu sắc: Silver
Chủng loại: Stand for MacBook
Tính năng chính: Được thiết kế chuyên dụng để kê MacBook, xoay được 360 độ, chất liệu hợp kim ALU cao cấp
Tương thích: MacBook 13.3 – 15.4 inch
Kích thước: 253 x 190 – 237 x 150 mm (W x D x H)
Trọng lượng: none
Hộp bao gồm:
  • Rain Design mStand 360 – Stand for MacBook
  • Quick-start Guide
Rain Design mStand - Stand for MacBook
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